Tuesday, January 29, 2008


i turned 21... crazyness.
nate and kara decorated my room- i was really surprised.
the silly kara and i
most of the group out to eat
since im 21, we had to celebrate the right way with some bubbly- and mandy got me MORMON bubbly.

Saturday, January 26, 2008


can you believe i let this dog sit by me? i sure cant. thats why i had to capture the moment
my room roommate Amy and her husband Mike at the wedding luncheon
cute little Ava loved walking around with my purse
just relaxing in the store
eric (my best guy friend), jami, and i went out to the best breadstick place.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

New States!

touching connecticut

touching new jersey

touching hudson river
now i have been in 33 states... 17 more to go.

random new york pictures

infront of the United Nation building- we had to peace signs
i walked around all day looking pregnant- i had so much stuff stuffed in my coat pockets
right behind us is enough pennies to equal a million dollars-neato
eating out with the missionaries
lanes huge yummy burger

random new york pictures

we randomly ran into sameul l jackson
this is the closet we got the empire state building
i love this pic
even though my eyes are closed i still like it
statue of liberty on a frezzing windy day

we had a nice stroll across brooklyn bridge
this is one of my favs for some reason

Monday, January 7, 2008

Our Wally Adventure

we were all in desperate need of food... so we took on the snowy roads for our adventure.

kara and i with our loads of food... we had so much we had to get a cart and im not one for using carts.
on our way out we spotted DUMBO... i was so happy. i couldnt pass him by without getting a picture with him.
kara cruzing with her pal mickey
mandy doesnt know what to do about meeting her idol "Buzz Lightyear"
kara and i then hoped on for a quick ride.
mandys a little selfish and wont share... kara, dont fall out
one more shot with dumbo
the girls looking disgusted because they had to load the stuff in the car while i watched.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

The Wall Street BULL

just to let everyone know i wont be adding too many pics from new york until i get the rest of the pictures from jessica on saturday... (britni, i hope you can handle that)

everytime we had went by the bull it was busy and today it wasnt bad at all. so we finally got our group picture with the famous bull

while we were waiting to board the ferry i spotted this ladys bag and had to snap a picture.
i think its an awesome bag and it made me laugh.