Monday, June 30, 2008

Birthday Party!!

my friend alicia turned 21 so we went out to firehouse.

this is me with my yummy salad. i was so excited about it that i had to get a picture with it.
alicia and her best friend decided that for their birthdays they wouldnt spend a ton of money and they would get goofy gifts. alicia got 3000 straws. as you can tell shes super ecstatic
i made her an ice cream cake. i would have my mom make me these for my birthday but ive never made one so i was super nervous.
look it turned out great
alicia and sarah eating cake
happy 21st birthday alicia!!!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

the wind caves!!!

weve been wanting to go on a hike for a while and today we finally made it happen. nate was nice enough and came up from ogden.
the wind caves are up logan canyon. the last time i hiked up there was right before my freshmen year of college. it was super hot that day and the trail can be steep. so i was a little iffy because i just remember it being an awful way up. it wouldnt be so bad if only i was in shape.
yea- i finally made it. it wasnt as bad as i remember but still hard for me and it helped that we hiked up in the evening.
i felt bad for nate. he had to deal with my slow pace. he could have ran up it without breaking a sweat.

Sunday, June 22, 2008


my good friend Coon got home from his mission from Ecuador and i wasnt going to miss his homecoming for anything. he was pretty much our 7th roommate my freshmen year of college.

leoh (came all the way down from idaho falls with her husband conrad), coon, me, shaun (got home from his brazil mission in feb and lived in our building 1st semester freshmen year), and jami... and in the back shaun and coons silly friend tyler.
jami and i met up a couple hours before hand to spend sometime together; we never get to see one another. we had fun at a park talking and taking lots of pictures.

good times
we took a lot of scary pictures but this is the closet you get to see any of them