Monday, December 28, 2009

today... this is me

i felt a little not my-self today. first, i wore khakis, which i don't do but my sister gave me these pants a year ago and i hadn't touched them again until today. second, I've been wearing glasses for pretty much a whole year and rarely putting contacts on. so since today i was already doing something out of the mix, i through on some contacts. and this is what the end result was. i think is turned out pretty good. i sure am becoming one prissy dresser. but actually i'm just getting older and growing up. when i started college i didn't own one plain t-shirt- it was all punk band and thrift store shirts. my clothing style has certainly changed since then.

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things are going great! I'm keeping busy with work and i'm enjoying my new city of Ogden- yep, ghetto Ogden. i even went with one of my new Ogden friends to catch a glimpse of the lights that downtown Ogden had to offer- which i call "mini temple square." Ogden is turning out to be a good experience.

-anyways, i don't have pictures to show for the holidays- which is crazy bc i normally take tons. oh well. the holidays were great! in between my work schedule i was able to attend the creek progressive dinner (i sure love that tradition), enjoy the best Christmas Carol movie from the 70's, spend time in orem with my dad and family, and also in salt lake with my mom and family. i did however miss another great tradition- shepards dinner. i did have to work a bit on Christmas day but it turned out good esp since i got a free ticket and paid to go see "Avatar." i actually would have never chosen to see that movie on my own but avatar wasn't that bad of a movie. so there is no complaining from me.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

In Memory...

-You are not forgotten-

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one year ago today i lost a very close friend of mine- Erik Randall Jorgensen and one of his best buddies, Jesse Johnson. i remember that day like it was yesterday. and there has not been one day since that i haven't thought about him, his wife, or their families.

my heart and prayers are with the families and his dear Casey.

-i love and miss you greatly-

(p.s. we aren't drinking in that picture and i know it's not the best but its the only one i have with both of the boys, jami, and me. )

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


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as Christie would say, "it was just a getogether with friends" but the rest of us agree it was for Christie's birthday.
(her birthday is actually the 25th)

and it just happened that i didn't have work so i headed up to Logan for the shin-dig. i actually have been really lucky lately bc anytime there is something going on i already had the day off and was able to attend.

all 25 of us met at the fun park for bowling but only 17 bowled. they bowled on 2 lanes so it took them a while. afterwards we headed to Tumms Yummi's for frozen yogurt. where Brooke and i certainly enjoyed our sample cups.

it was a fun night and i was glad i was able to attend.
i love these people and we are never altogether anymore.
so it's always a treasure when it happens.

Friday, December 4, 2009


-Temple Square Christmas Lights-

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Once we got our hot chocolate we were set to explore the lights.
All of us ran into at least one person we knew- random. Haiyden also found his sisters mission trainer who is now serving at Temple Square.

I also posed in my new sweater. My clothing style has really changed since high school and even within the last year. So this is something i usually wouldn't wear but i took a chance and i like it.

It was a fun, short, and not to cold of a night which then ended
with me running off to work.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Not in are house!!!


(the back of the shirt reads, "win or lose you still live in Provo... nuff said")

USU beat BYU in basketball!
i even took a picture of the score to prove it. we won by 10 points!!!

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the spectrum was packed. people had even camped out the night before. the doors don't open tell 6 and the line to get in was huge. my group had a decent place in line- maybe about a 1/4 through the line. however, it was freezing. my poor feet were frozen, it hurt so bad and felt weird to walk when the line began moving. throughout the game i visited with friends but these are the few pictures i took of some of the people i saw. too bad i only got a few minutes with people or even just a wave to some.

-i was very excited about my yummy mint swirl shake.-