Monday, July 28, 2008

4 weeks!!!

guess what?... does anyone what happens in 4 weeks?

well, I'll tell you. in 4 weeks school starts. yea!!! ill be starting my senior of college- craziness.

who would have thought i would be excited for school to start. first off, I'm not exicited about the studying. I'm just ready to have my friends back up here and for the most part things back to normal.

in addition in a little over 2 weeks i am kicked out of my summer apartment. i will be homeless for a week and a half tell i can move into my school apartment. my friend Brooke is nice enough to let me stay with her for that time but it will still stink.

lastly, i have almost survived my least favorite summer. another yea!!!

Thursday, July 10, 2008


if you are wondering why i called this Hercules let me enlighten you- my friend that i am with her last name is Hercules. pretty neato huh?

anyways, Jessica and i decided we needed to hang out. we both had the night off so we got a bite to eat and then watched a movie and chilled at her place. also, since i have never eaten at taco time i just couldn't pass up the opportunity to snap a photo of the fabulous occasion.
Jessica was one of my freshmen roommates and the last 2 summers we have worked together. so its weird not seeing her all the time.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

dessert party

my friend brooke has been wanting to host a dessert party at her house for some time now. and today we finally made it happen. everyone brought a yummy treat and oh my- we certainly had a ton.

this is just some of the people who showed up.
ali and brian (the couple on the left) i hadnt seen them since december. so it was good to catch up with them.
and heres me with my plate of goodness

Monday, July 7, 2008

bear lake

my friend jami came up to spend the night and then we both had monday off. so we decided to head to bear lake to relax. it was really fun. it was good to see her and to talk.

we chilled on the beach and waded into the water. after we went out and got pizza at a local place. the day went by fast but it was a great day overall. in the end it was sad because jami had to head back to salt lake.

now i would have pictures but my camera battery died and jami is taking forever to send me pictures. so this will have to do.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

quick trip home

so i will admit i havent been enjoying my summer, ive even been known to say this might be my least fav. summer yet. and this one day i just had it with everything. i even broke down at work. i got home and left for salt lake at 10pm. i had wednesday off so it was a short little trip. but it really helped. i just needed to get out of logan. i spent the night and day in salt lake with erin and ava and headed to ogden for the evening to see nate. i only got away for 24 hours but it sure did wonders.
ava kept putting my keys in her mouth and then having me grab them with my mouth- silly
pretty smile and big blue eyes
she got a little bit messy with the yogurt
cute little family
and theres little stinker with her blankie
thanks jerry and erin for always letting me drop in on you. it always makes me feel better.
to bad everytime i decide to drop in my grandparents are on vacation.