Saturday, January 30, 2010

trip 2

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-today i did great skiing
-2nd times a charm!
- i didn't fall once
-the weather was nice and sunny
-i'm still afraid of the bigger slope though,
one day i'll be brave and try it again.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Nobody likes you when you're...


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yep, thats right- i'm 23. craziness!!!

anyways, my last 4 birthdays were spent with friends up in Logan at college. but this year i wanted to spend time with some of my family.

i had this great idea a month ago that it would be awesome to go to the temple to do baptisms on my birthday. so my mom and i headed to the beautiful Bounitful Temple that morning. it was a fantastic way to start of my birthday. i also got my haircut, ate some yummy chili cheese fries, saw "when in rome" with my mom and callie. jerry, erin, ava, and my cousin, heather, came for my classic birthday meal of swiss chicken, mashed potatoes, and moose pie- delicious!!! then it was swim time. and luckily i fit into my mom swimsuit. it was a great way to spend my birthday.

lastly, when i went to work the next morning i found a cake, a balloon, and cards. one of the girls there wrote me the cutest note- it was so thoughtful and it almost made me cry.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Bag Cuteness

Jessica stopped by for a few hours before i headed to work.
she surprised me with an early birthday present.

and look how cute the bag and tissue paper are! yep, i'm such a girl

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and here we are with all the fun contents.
Jess you are amazing!!! thanks so much!

Monday, January 25, 2010


what the pup?

so tonight at work i somehow called 911. i was getting ready to dial one of the girls parents and realized the phone was already ringing. and i hadn't even pressed any buttons. weird. so i just hung up. right after the phone rang- i answered and it was 911 saying they just received a call from this number who hung up. they asked my name and if i could speak freely. i explained that i had no idea how the number got dialed. they said an officer was dispatched and he would be there shortly to check in... i was in another room with a co-worker when one of girls yells my name. i walk out to find a cop standing in the room. he talked to me for a short sec then headed out. i found out after the cop had walked right in and asked who was in charge. he freaked out of the girls there and she started crying/laughing... this sure led to stories with the girls and staff laughing me. but im serious i have no idea how this happened.

however, this has happened to me before. when i worked at the "dill-hole" a customer wanted me to call customer service and i had to punch in her credit number that contained the numbers 911. so the phone is ringing and all the sudden on the other end someone says. "911 emergency." i'm stunned. how did that even happen. i explain to the dispatcher it was an accident. and that was that. i then had to explain to the customer who looked at me like i was stupid.

also, this summer while i was working at USU housing i got a call from the United States Secret Service. oh wow.. he needed to contact one of the residents. come to find out this person had written about wanting to hurt a very important political figure.

lastly, i had a detective from the logan police department call me over the summer, he wanted the number for my roommate because she was involved in something. and i have no idea how he got my phone number.

-anyways, those are some stories i wanted to tell and
hopefully i will never have anymore to add-

Saturday, January 23, 2010

First Time....


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we took the girls from work up to Snowbasin for a snow filled adventure. my co-worker, Jaymee, works up there and she set this all up.
and let me just say Jaymee is such a blast.

-our instructor, Dan, was awesome!
-my boots hurt and felt awkward
-it snowed the whole day
-i'm SUPER sore!!!

-so i was doing great on the bunny slope and felt confident but then Jaymee took some of us up to experience a bigger slope. this is where my problem started. i would start to go really fast, freak out, and then try to stop the correct way with the wedge stance. however, i would give up and make myself fall to the side. now this happened repeatedly. i lost all control and focus. we made it half way down the mountain with me having fallen over 20 times. i sure was cracking Jaymee up. at least someone was entertained. anyways, in the end to make it back down to the bunny slope i wrapped my arms around Jaymee and placed my skies in between her legs and she guided me down. so we spooned the rest of the way. we were definitely a sight to see. once i got back to the bunny slope i could barely do it. i had lost all my confidence.

but dont worry i get to do it all over again this coming saturday.
and i will be sticking to the bunny slope.
despite everything it was fun and now can i say i've been skiing.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

January Happenings

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-free outside Dashboard Confessional concert on 25th street
-my best friend, Jami, is on a mission in England and
sent us some sweet shirts!
-the outfit i bought for my niece, Raylie, due in May
-Kara came into town from Wisconsin
- Camie and I at Erins baby shower for my NePhEw.
-headed out to Weber State in my AGGIE shirt for institute. i really enjoy my institute class and teacher. i have taken this class before at USU but it's nice to hear it again and i always learn more. it starts the day off good. and i was able to attend two great firesides this month.

-other highlights: meeting up with friends in Ogden and Salt Lake- to name a few: Ashlee, Austin, Jessica S, Ryan, and Michael. We enjoyed cafe rio, karens cafe, red robin, movies, a yummy smoothie from starbucks, ping pong, skittle bowling, games, and most of all chatting it up.