Saturday, August 24, 2013

August Fun

8/16- Quilting night at Erins moms house with Erin and Callie.

8/21 Babysitting A, B, and K- we went out for ice cream cones.

8/23 Last movie at the Capitol for the season but the weather was bad so they had the movie inside the Capitol instead of outside. It ended up not being the best idea bc it was squishy and a terrible echo when the movie started. We watched Hotel Transylvania which I had never seen and bc of the echo it was hard to follow but still fun. I'm glad they didn't cancel the show bc i had been planning on this for 2 months and it was fun to go with the Adams' and Gerbers (minus Chloe and Rayson)

8/24 Mini Golfing! Chris and I had been talking about going for months. Chris hadn't been in at least 10 yrs and I made a Hole in One! Chris won by 1 point so I have to go see the movie "the pacific rim" with him which i have no desire of seeing.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Hoover Dam


So I haven't spent too much time in Vegas and Ive never been there in the evening before so that was a new experience and I never new the Hoover Dam was only 40 minutes away.  We first hit up the Vegas sign for a pic then headed on our way. We stopped for lunch at an overlook of Lake Mead then off to the Dam. We decided not to pay to get into the visitor center or take a tour which maybe is lame of us but, oh well. We walked across the dam and I had to have a picture of me in 2 states at once! It was sure a hot day and when we got back to the car I realized it was easier to put water into a bag of ice instead of the other way around.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Vegas Baby!

Chris had some time off from school and my Dr was out of town so we headed down to Vegas on the 6th.  and somewhere along the drive the grille from car fell off :( 

my friend, Mandi, who i met my freshman yr of college lives down there with her family. so i ditched Chris for a few hrs to meet up with her. Mandi and I went out to lunch then i was able to chat with her husband and finally met her daughter, Stacia. it was so fun seeing and chatting with Mandi- the last time i saw her was just before she got pregnant.

Then Chris and I headed to the strip. We even went on the New York roller coaster but we were not impressed and it gave me a headache. We saw the Sphinx and Pyramid but. hey, nothing compares when I've actually seen the real deal. 

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Donut Falls

Hike to Donut Falls with the Adams Family