Friday, December 26, 2008

Trip to the great SEATTLE!!!

i went to seattle to visit my sister and her family for a week over Christmas break. it was so much fun. i wish i could have stayed longer. here a few pics from the trip. check out britnis blog to see more and info on all that occurred. i do have to state one thing about my trip... it snowed in seattle, can you believe that? craziness!

what a sweet scary bathroom in the middle of the field

i really am the best aunt. i got tesila to sleep while it was frezzing outside.


thanks for letting me stay. i sure do love you all

Thursday, December 25, 2008

2 great boys!!!!

two of my friends passed away in an avalanche up in the logan area on christmas eve morning. it still doesnt seem real. shocking. when things like this happen it really makes you think. i knew both boys but was closer to one of them then the other. (im not at my computer, so i had to use pictures that were online)
Jesse Ryan Johnson (23) and Erik Randall Jorgensen (22)- or as i would call him Erik "Rambo"
-these boys loved everything outdoors.
You both were greatly loved and will be missed by all

i consider erik my best guy friend. i just visited him 2 weeks ago. i took him and his wife christmas goodies. i was so happy to see him. he gives the best hugs.

Erik and his gorgeous wife Casey. i remember erik first telling me that he was in love with casey. and about how he was nervous to ask her dad for permission to marry her.

erik and i at his wedding reception

- erik was studying to be a pharmacist and he was extremely studious. i would always run into him at the library and we would chat. i loved it.

erik and casey got married in august in the logan temple.
- my heart is very heavy at this time for casey. i cant even begin to imagine what she is going through. this is a loss for all but nothing compared to the loss of her one and only.

jesse, jason, and erik on halloween a few years back

- these boys were such fun loving individuals. ive known erik since freshmen year of college and met jesse the following year. so goofy. and full of energy

a group of us after an aggie basketball game

- jami and i would hang out at eriks apartment, which jesse was usually there, pretty much everyday sophmore year.

having fun

- i ran into erik and his wife the first week of school at movie on the quad, i was having a hard time with some things. and i just cried in his arms. he was always there when you needed him.

jami, erik, and i

erik, i love you! i thank you for your friendship.

- these times are hard but we know that these boys would not want us to be so negative and sad. they would want us to be positive, happy, and talk about our memoirs with one another.

-my prayers are with the families at this tragic time.

just remember to be greatful for everything- don't take anything for granted.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Brians Play

our friend brian was in a Christmas musical and we couldnt miss it.

our happy elf with flowers from his favorite girls!

sarsh, becca, ashley, and me

we sure love brian

SANTA!!!! and he gave us candy canes... oh my!

here is zippy the elf (brian) who just found out christmas spirit was at a code red

Sunday, December 7, 2008

looking sharp

sunday- all cleaned up and ready to go

Saturday, December 6, 2008

USU vs BYU @ Energy Solutions

byu refuses to play in logan because our fans are so mean. so they decided they would play at energy solutions instead. sarah and i headed down early. so for a few hours i got to play with jerry, erin, and ava. we then met up at the game along with jami and others from our apartment building.

here we are with coon who now goes to BYU. he is such a stud and we just love him.
USU lost... we played so dumb. my throat was soar from yelling. i was so mad at them. oh well, we had fun though.

pretty ava... she looks so grown up

what a big girl

daddy is so much fun

Friday, December 5, 2008

Matts Head...

for FHE, our ward had an auction and used the money for Sub-for-Santa. we made around 3600 dollars that evening. Sarah and I bought Matts head for 20 bucks. we could do whatever we wanted and then he would wear it to church.

friday evening we got together, made dinner, and had a haircutting party
jen, matt, and i eating our yumminess

evan, sarah, and bair.
sarah sure loves her food!

uh-oh... here we go. im scared. and matt was full of trust

then bair let us shave his head but we just had to make designs in it first.

evan the stud with the ladies

he is so confident in us, i dont know why

shaving him up

the end of the evening with our works of art. we are pros now... any takers?
dont worry matt didnt wear his tache outside of the apartment.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Jonathan Jones... Oh My!!!!!!!!!

jonathan jones- im not going to lie his very good looking.
he use to be in a band called waking ashland, now he is in we shot the moon, and also just recorded a solo album. we love him. and he is so nice. it was also his first concert in logan

Monday, December 1, 2008


first off, im done working at the dillmart. Yea!!!

finally i had a chance to make a homemade meal for adam and sarah

oh baby... santa is irresistible

basketball game and it just happened that X was sitting right in front of us.

the girl holding up the trophee is my roommate ashley. she is on the track team and they came out during half time

yummy chocolate chip cookie dough pancakes, yes you heard correctly. it was more like a dessert.
ruth and i
every 2 weeks or so we work buddies get together after work for dinner.

becca decorated the front door into our stairwell