Saturday, January 31, 2009

Never Ending Weekend of Fun

don't worry there was more fun to be had...

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let me note that i just love these people!
first, the day started out with brookes bridal shower. then later that evening christie mentioned they wanted to have a little party for me. so we headed over to garths. they had made dinner and cake. how nice are they? Garth made some yummy chicken tacos. too bad i wasn't able to eat all of it. then we had cake but we had no candles. so we used matches. also, as you can see jami and i like taking pictures of our selves.
-thanks everyone. you guys are amazing. it was so great to hang out with them because it doesn't happen very often anymore. :(

Friday, January 30, 2009

Fantastic Friday Fun

tonight we got together with some friends from sophmore year. we went out to eat at firehouse, then back to my house, and finally to Caseys for a girls sleepover.

good ol' goofy jared

the jamis with jared and jason

we love garret

colton, casey, and stan enjoying our yummy dessert
-jami threw in that it was my birthday (which was not part of the plan) and so we got a free famos fh'zzookie

jessica and eddie
-it was a fun night. i only wish we all hung out more but, we all have busy lives.

Thursday, January 29, 2009


the crazy sarah and i.
- i just love this girl. im so happy to have her as my roommate. who would have thought that my RA from freshmen year would be my roommate 2 years later and a best friend. thanks for everything


today was my birthday... can you believe that? i sure cant. i am officially 22 even though for the last month i have already been saying that i am. it was a busy but fun filled day. first my mom and ava met for a quick lunch.

mom and i just before i headed to my practicum

snickers cake- that i lighted with my handy car blowtorch

the 3 of us. we went to McDonalds so Ava could play.

my cute little niece.
-it was so fun to have them come up despite the fact i was only available for an hour.

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-my birthday night-
there was a basketball game so right when i got home from my practicum i headed straight to the game. jami came up from salt lake to spend the weekend. after the game we were planning on going to this restaurant to clean the sink (big sink full of ice cream) however, i had been go-go all day and just wanted to relax. and my roommies made me cake, jami made my favorite- moose pie (from scratch, wow! it was tasty), and the left over cake from earlier so we were set to just go back to my apartment and chill. it was a really fun night.
-and as you can see i am using my blow torch again- thanks rayson. now if you all are wondering why i have one i will tell you. my driver door wont close if its super cold outside. it happened for the 1st time over christmas so rayson bought me one so i wouldnt have to worry. it has come in handy however, sometimes i know its not going to close once i open it so i get in on the passenger side and climb over. i sure look funny doing that but oh well. it sure is a good conversation piece when i mention i have one.

Sunday, January 25, 2009


Heidi was my roommate sophomore year and we lived in the same apartment complex last year. She is going to the Texas, Forth Worth Spanish Speaking Mission and leaves on the 28th. So we all came together on one snowy beautiful Sunday day for her farewell.

Bryan, Ali, Heidi, Garth, Christie, me, and Ben

all of the lovely ladies

heidi came up to play in logan for one last time before her mish

USU vs BYU Hockey game--
what a great game. we killed them and there was tons of fights

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Dennys Run

yea! i made my first collage and i love it.
we dont have a Dennys in Logan so i decided to take a Dennys run to Tremonton which is about 30 min away. we went to an aggie basketball game first and then to dennys. however, there are 2 aggie basketball game pictures mixed in here.

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things that happen in the car on the drive, kara and i, cant pass up free refilled hot chocolate, leoh and her husband conrad came to the boise game, the golden girls half time show (the oldest is 92- i also blogged about that last year) and lastly bryan and ali- i some how end up sitting by them at the games.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Sarahs b-day and extra

Sarah turned 24 so we went out to cafe sabor. lucky sarah got to wear a sombrero and eat fried ice cream

we just wanted a small bunch so it was mainly a roommate thing

bet you guys didnt know my hair grew so long over christmas break

family at temple square

i love this picture of my 2 cousins- cameron and kyle