Saturday, March 22, 2008

Leoh's Wedding

my roommate Leoh from freshmen year got married in Idaho Falls. so Mandi, Jess, Jami (all former roomies), and i all carpooled up to celebrate her day with her.

i love this pic. its awesome and super cute!

heres us girls and the wedding couple (obviously)

between the wedding and the reception we had 6 hours to spare. we went shopping and out to eat. we got back to jess's aunt house and crashed. this is really how we laid- with me up in the corner.

jami and i on the drive back to Logan.

"rock you, shock you, drop you" -the higher

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Concert Time!!!

i love going to concerts and it had been about a year since i went to a real one. i didnt even know these bands were coming to town so it was a quick decision. but once i found out- i was going, no matter what, even if i had to go by myself. however, Jami and Nate tagged along with me. the concert was in midvale so we left logan at 2, ran some errands, stopped by my grandparents house, and then headed to the concert. it was an awesome concert. we were up close. and during the last band we left Nate, so jami and i could get pictures with and signatures from the band. we landed back in logan at 1am. i was dead tired for my early morning class the next day but it was way worth it.

i took lots of pictures with me and the band members. but i look awful in them. so i decided to put this video on in place of pictures- even though this band doesnt sing this song.

its "The Higher" singing bye-bye-bye from Nysnc for some odd reason. the higher is one of my favorite bands. houston calls, we shot the moon, and sherwood came with them as well.

Monday, March 17, 2008

St. Patty's Day

i met Mr. Leprechaun

it turned out my buddy Jake is Mr. Leprechaun. he looked fabulous. him and his friends went to walmart. people were staring at him and people were even waiting to take pictures with him.
i couldn't pass up the opportunity either.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Ava videos!

erin and i were trying so hard to get her on tape doing her animal sounds but ofcourse once the camera was on she would stop-typical. but in this one at the beginning she does the elephant. yea! we love elephants.

and this one shes just talking and being silly. she seems to like her tongue.


jerry was headed back to Boise for the weekend so he picked me and erins brother, david, up in brigham. it was so much fun hanging out with them esp ava ofcourse. thanks erin for letting me bombard your home. it was fun.
cute little girl having fun in the bath
shes even cute with this dirty look
pretty mommy with her daughter
bunny ears at target
i love her new spring outfit

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Sunday Dinner

we all went down and had sunday dinner with Nates grandma in brigham.

patrick, kara, me, and brian
nate (trying to be hard core) and evan
our dinner group- minus evan taking the picture
jake, brian, and evan
they really love brain

and this is from the other day

can you tell what his eating? its mint ice cream with milk and then cheerios and not plain ones- honey nut.

what a silly boy