Sunday, June 28, 2009


I love my Nieces!!!
i went down Sunday afternoon to spend the evening with them before Britni headed back home. i love spending time with them; they can brighten any ones day. i really like seeing Ava and Dalia play, they are such great friends.
or as Dalia would say, "Cousin Ava my best friend."

-Lastly, i had a great silly photo shoot with Dalia. however, i only picked a few to post.

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Friday, June 26, 2009

JaCkSoN HoLe!

My friend, Tyler, organized a big camping trip to Jackson Hole. He use to be a river guide so the basic point of the trip was to raft the Snake river. There was a totally of around 30 people throughout the weekend and i knew a little over half. We had a free camp site and since we had our very own river guide, we only had to rent the boat and other equipment therefore it turned out to be a cheap trip.

Steph, Jess, Tori, and I infront of the famous JH Antlers

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As you can see in 2 of these pics i am holding a ticket and may i add i love those 2 pictures. a group of 5 of us came back during the day to change and head down to Jackson, however, we had an un-welcome visitor- a Forest Ranger. it turns out our group had left the fire still hot and food around the camp. so we got fined 2 tickets for a total of 400 bucks. Will and i took the blame for the 2 tickets and since our group was so big it only cost everyone 13-15 bucks a piece. also, one of the boys had received a speeding ticket on the way up so he had to join in on our awesome ticket picture.

It was a short fun filled weekend vacation!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Girls and Temple

Britni and her girls came into town again for a day or two before heading out to the Creek Family Reunion in Nauvoo- which i wasn't able to attend.

cousin love

i love how awesome Ava looks in this picture- she's da bomb!

Dalia was doing great going down the slides all by herself but she got scared on one of them and then made me go down with her on all of them after that.

everyone spent the day together expect Jerry and I bc of work but we showed up for the evening at a park for food and to celebrate Fathers Day

precious adorable girls

my sweetest baby Tes!

Ava came and played at Papas house Saturday morning.
-they loved watching Ariel-

i got tickets for the Oquirrh Mountain Temple open house Saturday afternoon.
so we went up with my dad; minus Jerry's family.

Britni and girls with their makeshift daddy

me and my Hansen loves


the girls
(my cousin heather also accompanied us)

Saturday, June 13, 2009


As you have been able to guess i have been to my fair share of weddings these last couple of months. Anyways, my roommate Ashley from this year got married to our upstairs neighbor Landon.

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I went to the luncheon that morning and luckily it stopped raining so they could have the reception outside. i was so worried. but it turned out great. they make one good looking couple. Ashely looked beautiful and i love that she wore her hair down.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Fun times

Family Home Evening
-Me, Erin, Sarah, and Robby snap a pose before things kicked of-

Becca brought us yummy chocolate from Germany.
-it was fun to have all 4 of us back together for a couple hours.

i have such generous friends

my roommate from my junior year, Miguette, got Married on the 30th of May

The Newbolds!!!!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

The Patel's

My cousin Jessica and her husband Jamie got married in the Draper Temple.
-Followed by a reception in Nephi

Some of us with the cute couple

i love her cake, so stinking adorable

my fabulous grandparents